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Water Fountain

Emergency water deliveries 

If you’ve lost your mains water supply, get in touch with the team at First Choice Maintenance Services. We can provide a prompt delivery services for fresh water throughout the area.

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Dependable temporary water supplies delivered to your door

Whether due to damage, urgent maintenance or some other issue, losing your water supply can feel like a major issue. First Choice Maintenance Services is here to help. We can supply bottled drinking water and water bowers, ensuring you can still access clean, safe water.


Our experts are on hand to provide emergency water deliveries as often as required until your regular water supply is restored. Trust us to provide a prompt and professional service whenever you need it.


We bring over 30 years’ experience, and are committed to supporting individuals, businesses and communities throughout the region. We can also provide a range of other services, such as hazardous waste removal.

We can supply water in a number of situations:

✔ Loss of water supply

✔ Contaminated water supply

✔ Burst mains

✔ Urgent repairs/maintenance

✔ Supply issues in remote or rural areas

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24-hour support

A water emergency can occur at any hour of the day. Rest assured knowing that First Choice Maintenance Services can supply clean, fresh water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whenever it is needed.

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Trust us to provide an appropriate response

Our experts are committed to meeting your emergency water needs. We will carefully access the situation before providing an effective solution to meet your water requirements.

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Count on First Choice Maintenance Services to supply much-needed water to your address. Call:
07983 665950
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