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Removing asbestos from an industrial site

For commercial asbestos clearance, look no further

Need a team to remove asbestos from your commercial premises? Contact First Choice Maintenance Services today!

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Leading specialists in asbestos assessment and removal

Many commercial buildings built before the 21st century contain asbestos. Undisturbed asbestos generally isn’t a health risk, but it’s still important to keep an eye on it as damaged asbestos can cause health issues. If you suspect your property contains asbestos, speak to the team at First Choice Maintenance Services.


We are experts in asbestos clearance, working with business owners, commercial landlords and developers. We offer competitively priced assessments and removal services.


No matter the type or amount of asbestos in your commercial property, we are committed to offering safe and effective services. If you are a landlord that oversees domestic properties, or want to ensure your own home is safe, we also offer domestic services.

Our services are suitable for:

✔ Offices

✔ Hotels

 ✔ Restaurants

✔ Banks

✔ Garages

✔ Schools

✔ Pubs and clubs

✔ Government buildings

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Minimal disruption to your businesses

We appreciate that you have a business to run, and will ensure that our team causes minimal disruption to your operation. To help with this, we offer flexible booking slots, and have availability 7 days week for your convenience.

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The right team for the job

Our experts have undertaken Asbestos Awareness training, ensuring they are the right experts to handle your project. All removed asbestos is correctly disposed of, in line with current UK regulations and laws.

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To book an assessment of your asbestos, contact First Choice Maintenance Services on:
07983 665950
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